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Episode #50: Dr. Susan Birne-Stone How to see, hear, and listen to yourself

Creating unbreakable boundaries is really about honoring yourself and others. In this episode, Dr. Susan and I get into some really great conversations about creating awareness around the question that Dr. Susan loves to ask, "Why does this make sense?" Having a loved one with substance abuse is complex, challenging, and it's important that we can honor ourselves and really see ourselves, hear ourselves and be willing to listen to ourselves.

About Dr. Susan
For over 35 years Dr. Susan has successfully worked in the field of psychological, emotional and relationship health in a variety of settings and roles. She has helped thousands of individuals and families to improve their relationships in all aspects of their lives and achieve their goals. Dr. Susan is a therapist, international coach, professor, mentor and thought leader. In addition to regularly being quoted in the media, Dr. Susan is the producer and host of the television talk show Your Voice with Dr. Susan.

To learn more go to drsusanbirnestone.com

https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/susan-birne-stone-brooklyn-ny/300230 or

contact her at drsusanbirnestone@gmail.com