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Platform for "Realness"

I have so appreciated this podcast for the opportunity to hear others' real story of how addiction has influenced either themself or someone in their life. I think we can safely say we have either lost someone to substance misuse or we know someone that has! Sadly so.... but real! Again, the platform for reallness. Thank you Jen, for allowing others to tell their story. Somehow, no matter how small, we all have that common thread of loss, sorrow and need for someone else to walk that journey with. Keep "talking about it!"

Honest and Informative

I have a personal story. I painfully watched my son struggle with SUD for 6 years. Tragically, my son lost his battle and I lost a piece of my heart and soul. Now I advocate for awareness and education and I cheer Jen on from afar. I love this platform and her positive message.

Fantastic Content! I trust Jen's honesty & clarity!

This podcast has helped understand SO much more about how to establish healthier behaviors and boundaries in all aspects of my life! Jen is refreshingly authentic and I really trust her content.

Great podcast!!

Jennifer has a great podcast. She is so easy to talk with and she is so willing to be vulnerable about her own experiences that she makes it a great experience for the guests and listeners.

we need more of this

Love isn't enough to cope with someone's addition. We need love with skills. In addition Having someone who has been their, share their story is so healing

A biased opinion

I just listened to your podcast interview with Lisa Falbo of The Share Project. First of all ,you are a great interviewer. As a side note I have listened to several interviews where Lisa was the interviewer and she likewise is a great interviewer. I speak from a very biased place, because Lisa is my daughter and Sam, of course, was my grandson. The work that both of you are involved in, in different ways, is one of the most important needs of our day. And, sad to say, the need is getting far greater each day. So, I just want to say thank you and God bless.

Wonderful podcast!

I love listening to this podcast. I just so happen to be in recovery so I get a lot of helpful information from this, but what I’ve realized is this podcast can be helpful for everyone. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Great resource for families

This is a great resource for families that have loved ones in addiction. Def recommend