Welcome to the Unbreakable Boundaries Podcast

#60: Freida Macdonald: You Gotta Know Hope

Know Hope North Carolina's mission is to remember those we have lost, support those in recovery and give hope to those still struggling. Create memorial banner and billboards with faces of those lost to addiction in NC. Refer clients to detox and treatment centers. Facilitate grief groups.

Outline of Podcast Topics

The power of creating a space to honor your feelings in a safe way. 8:17
Grief doesn’t always have to be a direct result of a loss. 15:24
Don’t go down the road of “enabling”. 21:53
“They weren’t my answers to find.”. 24:11
What are some of the regrets that you have? 33:40
Life goes on, we don’t move on. 37:07
Don’t quit! Find your something! 43:11
What would you tell your loved ones that are still going through this

Website: https://www.knowhopenorthcarolina.com/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/4283060278435570