Welcome to the Unbreakable Boundaries Podcast
March 30, 2021

#40 Nick and Kaitlin: Sometimes you just want to punch them in the face.

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I sincerely doubt I will ever find another opportunity to get to interview a couple like this again. Nick is a person in recovery, his wife Kaitlin is what we often will refer to as a "Normy", meaning someone who does not has substance use disorder. What makes this so unique is Kaitlin has witnessed the very beginning of the progression Nick made along his addiction journey. Meeting in High School, and riding the ups and downs presents a opportunity to us that will be hard to come by ever again. Listen as I interview this couple about their journey together.

We talk about their life today, which is not all about their challenges but more about what they are focused on in their careers, their lives with one another, and their kids together. Below is the link to their passions that give them a life beyond addiction.

Nick's Links

Kaitlin's Links:

This is the first episode I ever turned into a video podcast. You can go watch this on youtube at