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Feb. 2, 2021

#33 Polly Shares with Us Her Journey into Recovery

#33 Polly Shares with Us Her Journey into Recovery
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Polly Jessen is a person in long term recovery. She was born and raised in Kingsport, TN and currently works in Johnson City, TN at Frontier Health as a Recovery Navigator for Crisis Services. She struggled through active addiction for 8 years of her life and Is  grateful to say that today she has over 8 years of consecutive recovery time. She was one of the first Tennessee Recovery Navigators since the program began in 2018 and her day consists of meeting with and assessing overdose victims in area hospitals and those who are seeking substance use and mental health resources. She enjoys actively finding ways to help decrease the stigma of addiction in her community and helping others to meet their individual goals and define what recovery means for themselves. She is blessed to also have an amazing wife and 2 wonderful children who always keep her motivated and humble. If you are looking for resources for your loved one, check out Frontier Health.