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Dec. 1, 2020

#24 Marcus Shumate tells us about his ideas on who is successful in recovery

#24 Marcus Shumate tells us about his ideas on who is successful in recovery
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In this episode, I discussed with a good friend of mine, Marcus Shumate, what he notices in the recovery community of who "makes it" versus those who don't seem to do so well with the recovery journey. Marcus Shumate did his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Psychology and completed a masters degree in mental health counseling. He previously worked his way through a residential co-occurring disorders program until he was tasked with developing a program specifically for young men. In that role he grew to really enjoy networking and collaborating with other programs. This eventually led him into getting offered a marketing role with the Green Hill Recovery Team.

They are a clinically-driven transitional living program in Raleigh, NC and a Community-Based Outpatient Program. They work with 18-27 year old males that are seeking help with their addiction and mental health issues and are looking at getting extra clinical emphasis on building out their lives. Their clients are focused on trying to complete school and/or launch into a meaningful professional pursuits. They put a lot of emphasis on individual care that is designed to help a client develop skills that let them cultivate a truly meaningful life instead of setting artificially low-expectations for what they can accomplish. They want their guys to come out of programs ready to be independent and able to direct their lives in a way that cultivates flourishing.  A lot of their clinical curriculum is focused on tasks of being a successful adult.  Go check out this great resource athttps://greenhillrecovery.com/