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Nov. 18, 2020

#22 The Early Recovery Series: Rhett shares with us his journey

#22 The Early Recovery Series: Rhett shares with us his journey
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We are whoever we need to be while we are in active addiction. We don't often know how to be anything else other than a chameleon. Rhett shares with us about his journey into finding himself and being comfortable with who he really is. He also continues to help other recovering addicts working in a great rehab in North Carolina. To hear a great story of overcoming obstacles, challenges and finding oneself, listen to this episode now.

I've also put something together from this series. Throughout this series, one thing became clear. Early recovery is messy and confusing. So I have started focusing on the needs for both the families and their loved ones who may be either in early recovery or thinking about starting this journey into a new way of life. There is a big leap of faith that has to happen when thinking about entering into early recovery. It’s scary. Mostly because we don’t know what to expect and how to navigate through it. But what if you did know what to expect and what if someone told you how to navigate through it. That’s why I put together the early recovery program. It’s a program that lays out the expectations and what you are going to be experiencing. It goes through things like how do you deal with triggers, the overwhelming emotions, the complicated family dynamics, and so much more. If you want to learn more about the program go to www.theearlyrecoveryprogram.com