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Ep #40 Nick and Kaitlin: Sometimes you just want to punch them in the face

Nick and Kaitlin have been through it all together. Meeting at 15 right when Nick's addictive drinking started, Kaitlin got to see the evolution of addiction, and somehow they have gotten to the otherside. Through many tumultuous periods of their relationship, they have managed to navigate through Nick discovering he has Bi-Polar on top of his addiction, and now have two children and they each have found their passions through their separate businesses. Listen to the evolution of their journey together in this fantastic episode with Nick and Kaitlin.

You can find out about their businesses by going checking out the links below.
Nicks: www.brokenhelm.com and www.dochelm.com
Kaitlin: www.oneoakmarket.com

Handles: @dochelm